Social Media Training - Untwisted Media
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We offer many tailored Social Media training programmes at Untwisted Media, that are delivered at your business premises or your chosen location for your convenience. Our training courses help you to become more familiar with your business messages and how you put these across on Social Media. They help you to become more equipped with Social Media platforms, to be able to use them effectively, more creatively, to tell your business story in an engaging way that will stand you apart from your competition. You will become more enthused so that you understand that Social Media is no longer a chore, but rather something that holds infinite business opportunities.


We train at multi levels within a business, from C Suite, to management, HR departments and sales teams. We train every level, at every stage of knowledge so that we meet the needs of your training requirements.


Whether it is general training, or preparation for a new product or service launch, or an annual event that requires a solid strategy, our training is tailored for you .


Our training typically comes in half day or full day options; however we have worked with teams over a number of days when the training needed is more intense.


Our training days are typically for businesses who are looking to train 4 or more members of staff, with a maximum of 50 staff members at any one time.




Your employees are amazing and they could be holding some huge opportunities when it comes to Social Media. For some businesses this concept is unheard of, as rules and regulations within businesses and organisations prohibit the use of Social Media for their employees. If this is your business, you really could be missing a very big trick with the ever-evolving and personalised approach that is constantly increasing in popularity online.


Employee Advocacy is ever-increasing. It can be defined as employees sharing their support for a company’s brand, product or service, on their personal social networks.


The goal with Employee Advocacy is to inform, engage and educate your staff, keeping them in the know, and allowing them to become ambassadors for your business. It is a way to propel your Social Media strategy with your best advocates, your employees.


The benefits of this are huge but employers can initially be apprehensive about allowing this to happen for fear of brand reputation becoming compromised. There is a way around this, TRAIN YOUR EMPLOYEES.


Our tailored internal Social Media training courses have you and your business values at the core of everything we train. Through our training process we can help to educate your employees on how to use Social Media well, effectively and with brand voice and message in mind.


This process has many other benefits for company culture. Employees that feel more involved are more likely to feel optimistic about a business’ future. It humanises the business and helps to increase awareness through the authenticity of employees voice on Social Media platforms. Authenticity is crucial to success that delivers results and increases sales opportunities through Social Media.



We meet with you or hold a call with you to establish your needs for social media training, hopefully there is a coffee in the process somewhere!


Once we have established that you would like to work with us we produce a tailored training to suit your requirement.


We ask for a three week preparation time to be able to produce exactly what it is you are looking for and then, WE DELIVER! We enthuse you and your employees and leave you eager, willing and excited for the opportunities that social media can bring your business.