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Social Media is limitless. This makes it very overwhelming for businesses and brands.


Social media channels are constantly evolving, becoming more sophisticated and giving us more and more opportunities to consume content, grow relationships, create communities and grow business clients.


The most common thing that we hear at Untwisted Media is, ‘I want to get more followers and likes’ which simply put is nowhere near sophisticated enough in today’s world to develop and grow relationships that last and becoming meaningful business relationships.


Gaining follows and likes will naturally happen when you are producing content that inspires, informs, entertains, tells a story and engages your online audience. This is the whole point of Social Media, to be SOCIAL! People will feel more connected to your business or brand if they feel involved and valued. It takes time, care and dedication to build trust online, it is a long and ongoing process, but it is an exciting one. You will gain much more than follows and likes if you do Social Media properly. You will create a community or audience that wants to keep coming back for more, EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.


But, where do you begin when there are so many platforms and so many ways to tell your business story online?

Today’s consumer is savvy. Very savvy. They have more access to information online than ever before, which means they have more choice than ever before as to what information they are going to access and where they are going to get it from.


They are also open to seeing hundreds, thousands, millions, billions of businesses all online, all on Social Media and all of these businesses are vying to capture their attention.


Is your business capturing their attention?

Couple this with the vast amount of news, entertainment, billions of videos, live streams all circulating on Social Media, by the second. Standing out and creating connection has become far more complex for businesses trying to capture the attention of a person online.


It is no longer enough to blast advertisements, constant product promotions and sales messages. People simply switch off, why wouldn’t they? There are so many more exciting things to capture their attention on Social Media and there are so many other billions of businesses making the effort to create meaningful connections with their business or brand. If you are not doing this, you are missing out, you are getting left behind and you are leaving relationships and business sales on the table.

EFFORT is everything in today’s ever fast moving digital space. The businesses that realise this and understand that Social Media is not just an advertising billboard, are the ones who will make sales, grow their business and develop longstanding customer relationships.


So, how do we begin to tell your business story online on social media? There are so many ways and the beauty is, they are all bespoke to you. No two businesses are the same, what works for one business will not necessarily work for another. You are unique and it is time to be it! … Your potential customers are waiting.




No two businesses are the same, neither are the services each business needs and requires and sometimes you are just not sure what it is you need. This is why we offer a good old-fashioned discussion (those are important!) to understand if and how we can help you. We offer number of social media solutions to help you to become less overwhelmed, more targeted, more creative and ready to grow your business through social media.


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