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There is a lot to consider when it comes to creating a new website or doing a website refresh for your business. You will see countless articles offering advice, hints and tips about website design and it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.


We begin with YOU.


There is no-one who knows your business like you do. You are unique. Your website should be unique and bespoke to suit your need and requirement, whilst providing the best possible user experience for your clients and potential clients.


“What ever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do” – Walt Disney


We want to help you to bring a client, potential client, or online browser back to visit your website time and time again. We want them to bring others to show them how well you do what you do, to spread the powerful word about your business, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


So, how do we work back from that end result to ensure that your website evokes that emotion that creates a bond with you and your business or brand, that creates an amazing experience, that keeps them coming back time and time again?


It’s a detailed process, Let’s begin!


We work on a face-to-face basis with our clients.


We believe that the only way anyone can effectively represent you, your business, your values and your products or services online is to get to know you, properly!

The digital world is amazing and it enables us to connect in so many ways like we have never been able to before, but we believe that nothing beats sitting down together with you to really begin to understand what is important to you and your clients!

We can come to you or you can come to our office, or for clients overseas, we can hold an in depth Skype meeting. Virtual coffees all around!


The benefit of beginning a relationship like this is to ensure that we are the right people to help, guide and support you to build and grow your business online. This cannot be achieved over the phone. It is near impossible in fact, to be able to produce a website that delivers a great experience every time, without getting to know you and the people behind your business and to understand you and to be able to show this digitally through your website.

This is a listening meeting for us. We want to learn as much as possible about you and your business or brand!

Our team at Untwisted Media are slightly different to many other web design agencies. We are not just a design agency. With a strong web development and performance background, our team’s expertise ensures that your website is not only built to look fantastic and deliver a great user experience, but that it also performs in search engines.


We build from the offset with SEO in mind, if you are going to be engaging in Search Engine Optimisation. Presentation and Performance equal results! Having a well structured and engineered website combined with a stunning design is the perfect environment to build your business, online.

We then formulate a strategy and plan for your website build, leaving you to sit back knowing that we are putting together something special.

Once you are happy with the ideas that we have strategised we then begin the website build process. You can call us, message us, e-mail us or pop in for coffee at any point! We like to keep you in the loop through the build process.


If you have a content writer we are very happy to work with them to ensure we have all content required to begin your new website build, or if you have self-written website content then please do send this to us (prior to build commencing). If you would rather our team write your content this is a service that we offer too!

Once your new website has been built, we will meet with you again so we can sit down together and walk you through your new website, whilst we listen to your very important feedback! If there are any amendments to be made at this stage, we will take this away and implement them before you ‘GO LIVE’.

For clients who work with Untwisted Media for continued website support and SEO services, we are happy to extend our hosting services to you. The upload process will be quick and easy and following a period of propagation (the time required to complete a web upload process, no more than 48 hours), your new website will then be live!


For clients who would just like to go through the design process and are not looking to carry out any continued SEO or support services, we would ask you for your existing website host details for upload to begin. We take care of this for you. It is a quick and easy process and once the website has gone through propagation, your new website will be live!

You’ve had your new website designed, but how do you make sure the right people (your potential new customers) will get to see it when they visit a search engine such as Google, to find the service or product that you offer?


Influencing the rank of your site within search engine results pages is known as SEO (search engine optimisation). We offer a full SEO service and you can learn more by clicking here.



Personal brand websites are becoming increasingly popular. In a time where every business, brand or business owner is highly visible online, people often like a personal brand website to sit alongside their business website as a ‘get to know’ the person. Personal brand websites are also very popular amongst public speakers, celebrities, thought leaders, authors and lecturers. They are a great way to show YOU. You are, after all, your business.


When you have products or services to sell and want a seamless shopper experience, e-commerce is the website solution for you. Integrated, secure and easy to navigate for you and your customers, we build from the ground up and provide you with a tutorial so that you can add and remove products and services as and when your business requires.


Your website represents you, your business or brand and everything that you stand for. We work with multiple industries across many niches. Your business deserves to be showcased in the best possible way online. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it is important that people get the right feel for everything your business is about.


Great to showcase passions or projects, blogs are a beautiful haven to show what is important to you and your online readers, so it is important that you showcase your cause or passion in the most dynamic and interactive way possible. We have worked with individuals, communities and brands to create striking blogs that capture your message and meaning from the moment somebody lands on your blogsite.